Friday, February 02, 2007


Can you feel it? You can probably almost smell it. That strange stech of an aroma that is so heavenly to the senses. Yeah, that's right, it almost race season! It's February and training races start at the end of the month. Now the question is, do I plan on doing any training races? Probably not. Why? Because for some reason, all the road races are nowhere near me. But that's alright. I am no longer sobbing and I should be better after a couple of more therapy sessions. But it does get me excited, maybe even a little giddy.

The GCC is putting on some training races starting February 24. There are 3 total somewhere north ogf Birmingham. I would love to try and do one but they are almost 2 hours away. That is a loooong way to do a training race. Not too mention on the flyer, it says "No Race Wheelsets." This is referring to the road conditions and doesn't sound too inviting. Just what I need, tear up a $1,000 wheelset in a training race. Better yet, crash, and tear up my entire bike in a training race. You would see a grown man cry, fo-real-doe. Better save that for the real thing in March!

Been getting a ton of emails from our super busy team manager recently. He got our new club name as well as team name, along with sponsors, finalized. That is a HUGE step! This thing is on like Donkey Kong! Now we can finalize our order for our team kits. We are going to look GOOD! I designed the Club's new logo with David's help and it came out SWEEEEET if I say so myself. Designed Chris' company's new logo and I got appproval on that yesterday. So I think all the new artwork for the jerseys are ready. Now I just need to find the checkbook to place my order... Honey, I need to spend more of our hard earned $$$ on bike crap.

The past couple of weeks have been a little crazy trying to figure out what I am going to race and not. I want to put in a couple of road races too but that is mainly just to see how I stack up against others in the region. But to do that, I am going to have to give up a couple of mt. bike races. But I think I have gotten it figured out. It's simple. One race a month. That way I can train, race and not be gone too long. Gotta keep it level on the homefront, you know. It's that whole balance of the universe thing.

So here is what I have so far as to what events I am going to try and hit...

March 24 Tour de Tuscaloosa
April 28-29 Dirt Sweat and Gears 12 Hour
May 27 SERC #6
June 3 Bump and Grind
July 15 SERC #9
September 22 12 Hours of Dauset
Early October Dead Dog
October 21 Attack on Swayback

And then come the cyclocross series, WAHOOOOOEEEE!! Don't even get me started yet!