Saturday, February 03, 2007

It was cold, we road, there was lots of carbon, good times...

The topic of the ride had to be Chad's new toy. Not too many marraiges could survive a purchase like this but Chad's a nice guy and obviously played his cards right. This machine is a beauty! 2007 Cervelo Soloist Carbon frame, Wolf Carbon fork, Campy Record throughout, Topolino whelelset with bullet-proof kevlar spokes, carbon seat (with jewel slot), FSA carbon bars, carbon this, carbon that... there is only one piece on this bike that is NOT carbon. This bike complete is easily sub 17 lbs. I believe Chad's power output ratio has increased slightly. Just what we needed, Chad to be faster. :(
Heading out Pike Road to put in around 40 today. It was a tough ride with many of us cramping up due to the cold. I was getting stomach cramps about 14 miles in but I finally worked them out. It's amazing how much better you feel when you actually drink. Duh!
A little conversation going on between Alan and Chad. Chad should have his new bike dialed in after a couple of more rides. It was good to see Alan back on the bike with us. Great turnout today even with temps hovering around 48, maybe
a little less. We had Ken, Chad, Colin, Mark, Scott, Stan, Alan and myself. It was chilly but it's winter, it's supposed to be cold. Come this spring, we will be stronger than we have been in a long time. At least I know I will! I better!
Chad again on his Cervelo and Colin on his Bianchi Time Trial bike, another great looking, as well as fast bike. No too mention, Colin has his engine tuned up and running really well. He is getting ready for race season coming up in March.
Scott putting the pressure on Chad and Colin trying to get them to pick the pace up! It is hard to hold Scott down. He is an animal. Another shot of the group about halfway through the ride on Hayneville Road. The roads out here are perfect for riding. We changed up the scenery a little today and shortened the route a little. I still ended up with right at 40 and we hit it pretty hard so it was alright.
Trying to take a picture behind my back of few stragglers. Mark, Colin and Chad hanging back taking in the scenery before the next hard effort. We waited at the intersection of Lawson and Old Pike for Alan and Stan but they never showed. They must have gone straight. Even with the weather, and some of us not feeling at top form, we still had a great ride. I was happy that I was feeling better after fighting the flu this past week. This week I plan on doing a couple of spinning classes to get ready for next week. It's February and it's time to start cranking it up!
Not too mention we should have Richard joining us on his new all carbon Trek this next weekend. Between Richard and Chad on their new rigs, it should be a spirited ride. With all the carbon we have now between cyclists, it wouldn't surprise me if NASA showed up next!