Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Date with the devil...

Was going to try and make the spinning class this morning at 5:45am but it just wasn't happening. Stayed up watching the news, then Leno, then some crap on VH1. No motivation this morning, just sleep. Soooo... I am going to try and go this evening. What fun that will be... spend 45 minutes of my life in pure agony while I try and follow the instructions of the spin coach who is the spawn of the devil. These instructors love to show just how in shape they are. They are always smiling, with their heart rate in Zone 1 while everyone else's is in the Red Zone, talking in that damn microphone that can be heard in the next city, spinning out a cadence that would put Lance Armstrong to shame. All the while, part of the class is trying their hardest to stay focused and not black out due to the tunnel vision that is occcuring in their eyes, while the other half is suffering from lack of oxygen. Since they cram 20 people in a room the size of a coat closet, there is only enough oxygen to last about 30 minutes. The last 15 minutes, you are essentially breathingh in other people's sweat and somehow your body turns that into oxygen. I don't know where they get these people, but it would not sursprise me if these instructors were actually Experimental Lifeforms created by the military. Their purpose. weed out the weak ones and keep the strong.

"Relentless pain will be endured by all those who enter this room" - THAT should be the name of the class.

Can't wait till 5:45!!!!