Monday, January 15, 2007

Saturday at Swayback...

This past Saturday turned out to be a great day to put in another ride on my new Rush 800. Called Kieffer a few days ago and he had the day off. He just got his bike out of the shop nad was pumped to hear I was going riding. I woke up about 5:15 and loaded up all my gear. Arrived at Kieffer's house about 6:30 am. He was sitting there waiting (that's always a good sign). We loaded all his gear in the back of the Tahoe and headed to Swayback. I didn't have time to get anything to eat at the house so we ran through Chick-Fil-A and picked up a few chicken biscuits.

Got to the trail about 7:05 and everbody was there except for Mike and Bob. We were sure Mike would show but Bob... nobody thought he would actually show. But we were glad he did. They both showed up about 20 minutes later. We actually had a decent group including myself. Kieffer, Chris, Mike, Bob and Shaun. Shaun showed up on his brand new Maverick full-suspension ride. This thing was SWEET!!! 6.5 inches of travel in the back and long travel Maverick fork up front. It will only set you back around $3500 for the frame/fork alone. Chris left his shoes at the house and he was not a happy camper! But who would be? He had to ride the entire trail with tennis shoes on Egg Beater clipless pedals! He is lucky to be alive! Shaun had not gotten permission from his doctor to start riding again after being air lifted out of Pisgah Nat. Forest from a big wreck which broke his ankle and leg. We were hoping the titanium rods he had implanted in his leg and feet would hold up.

About 7:30, we hit the trail. We rode the trail backwards again and I was able to see the route we did the other night. Man, does it makes a HUGE difference riding during the day. I felt like myself again getting more and more confident in my bike handling. Kieffer said that I was the smoothest he had ever seen me on the trail. I think he must have been meth but I do apppreciate it. I have spent so much time over the past couple of years road biking, that I have needed to get back on the trail to get my nerves back in check.

Due to Chris' shoe situation, Shaun's leg stituation and the fact that Bob looked like he was on the verge of a mild heart attack everytime we stopped to let him catch up, they cut the last few miles out of the trail. Kieffer and I did the last few miles about as fast as we could go. This had us smiling all the way to the truck.

This was a good ride to really focus on my new bike and see just how well it rode in tight singeltrack. I feel like I have it dialed in pretty well. I adjusted the seat position and seatpost height since the last ride and I am a whole lot more comfortable. I am running about 140 psi in the Lefty which I feel is about perfect for that trail. The only thing I may change though is the spring inside. I may end up installing a stronger rated spring so that I don't have to run as high of PSI. I am running about 165 psi in the rear and it feels perfect. Never once did I bottom out and it feels like I am riding on air.

With Kieffer's new schedule, I may be able to swap weekends between road biking and mt. biking. If i can do that, I will be in real good shape for the races starting in April. Man, I can't wait!!!!!!