Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Little Life With A Side Of Cycling...

Man, I have been swept up lately with a whole lotta random stufff going on that has kept me off the two wheels. Can't really complain though cause it has all been good. But man, I am itching to get back on the orange n' black jamis, Master of Disaster! Talked with Scott a few days ago and I told it is starting to cool off, the days are getting shorter, and with Fall right around the corner, it is time to start slowing things down a bit. I am ready for some touring!!!! Some of that... ride to Auburn and back kind of riding with a double-patty sausage biscuit midway. He said he will start looking at some routes. I will be interested in seeing what Magellan comes up with.

Got my last race of the year coming up next month, the Attack on Swayback. Still undecided if I will move up to the Sport Class for this race or stay in Beginner. Technically, I am no where near fast enough to be competitive in Sport. But I won the Beginner Class last year so I feel like I can't stay in that class. Anyway, I gotta get on the mt. bike some more and at least try and train for this race, especially if I were to move up to Sport... 16 miles, UHG!