Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cyclocross... let the pain begin!!!!

Well, I may need to invest in a couple of new bike stands because our garage is starting to look like my very own bike shop. Dream number 2,014 has come true! But it doesn't stop there. In about 5-7 days, a box will arrive at my office with a new, 2006, Bianchi Axis cyclocross bike I found on an incredible closeout, SWEET!

Cyclocross is essentially road biking in the mud, when it is cold, and your fingers feel like they are about to fall off. Sounds fun? Did I mention having to hop off your bike several times throughout the course running up/down/over obstacles? Some call it brutal, others call it hell. All I know is THAT is exactly how I want to spend my off-season!

I came across one of the best cyclocross race videos this past winter. This is what cross racing is all about. Click here.