Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vacations ROCK!...

until you get home and realize the amount of money you spent, the amount of dirty clothes that you have beeen carrying around the last 10 days and that you must come down out of the palm trees and get ready to be slaughtrered by the real world once you step back into your office the next day. Well, that about sums up my first week back after being on vacation with the Mrs. and the kids in the World of D (that's Goofy talk for Disney World).

We had an amazing time but all good things must come to an end. So this week I have been super-duper motivated by essentially FEAR that my first triathlon is next weekend. Thaat is right... 9 days! Alright, I can't thing about THAT anymore. Needless to say, this homeboy has been frantically hitting the pool, running and biking.

I put in my first ride yesterday on my new bike and met up with Colin at the bike club's weekely time trial. This would be the first real ride I have done on my new Specialized Transition Exxpert tri bike. Well, let me just tell you that fitting a tri bike by "eye" does not work. The time trial was 2 laps, around 4 miles. I felt like I had been chased down by Offerman and beat down with his baseball bat! It was the most uncomfortable and painful 10 minutes of my life. I didn't have time to do a proper bike fit so I know what I am doing tonight, adjusting everything on that bike to hopefully decrease the pain to a manageable level for the race next weekend.

Some might say, why don't ride the your road bike since you know it fits and use the tri bike on the next race after you have been fitted. Well, if I used knowledge and common sense, I would not be where I am today. Knowledge and common sense are waaaaay overrated. Not to mention the amount of money I spent on this beautifully finished speed machine that is finished in none other than, freaking anodized metallic gold!!!! I am riding this baby all the way to the finish line, no matter how it hurts!

Colin told me I would know what was not right on the bike by the second lap. Well Colin, I knew before the end of the first lap! But my time really wasn't that bad considering I hadn't been on a bike in over 2 weeks and was on a new bike for the first time that didn't even remotely fit me. So there is hope. Not much, but some, a glimmer.

I am looking forward to riding with the guys this weekend but it will be a short ride. I must have been in the sauce or something cause I thought it would be a good idea if Bobby and I did a brick this weekend. The triathlon has a 16 mile bike and then a 4 mile run. I emailed Bobby yesterday and thought it would be a good idea if we tried that. That way our legs would know what it was going to feel like on race day. I have a feeling I will be regreting my enthusiasm.

So my goal this week is to run 3 miles tonight, put in 800 yards tomorrow morning, and the do our brick Saturday morning. Next week I will put in some running and swimmng and some shoprt rides. Nothing too major that would wear the body out.

Fun, fun.