Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Me no fish...

Well, with all this triathlon talk, I thought it was time to hit the pool. Met up with James at the Y around 6:00 this morning. Little did I know how many people worked out at 5:00 in the morning. I got there around 5:45 am and I passed several people leaving as I was walking in. Hard core, that's what I am talking about!!

Anyway, James showed up, gave me some pointers and I made my first lap, 50 yards. As I pulled up on the wall to catch my breath and ingest the gallon of water I had taken in during that lap, I quickly realized that I suck at swimming. I felt like I was flapping around like a wounded seal. I made forward progress until I had to breathe, then it got ugly. I think my problem was I was trying to exhale and inhale at the time. So I wasn't really taking any more air by the time my face went back in the water. By the end of the length, I was out of breath and turning into a cement cinder block. Luckily I have 2 months to figure out this breathing thing. I have already left a message with a swim coach.

Let me just tell you what my swim career consists of: Well, nothing, there is not one. The last time I swam laps was at camp when I was about 8 years old. I am now 33. Do the math. The only good thing is I was awarded the "Most Improved Swimmer" that year at camp. I guess I will see how well that has stuck with me over the last 3 decades.

I will be putting in my second run of the week in this evening, another swim later in the week and a bike ride on Saturday. Sundays and Mondays are supposed to be my rest days, thank goodness!!!! But I may hit the pool one of those days. I need the practice.