Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lactate Threshhold is Where the Fun Begins...

or ends if your idea of fun is having a heart attack. The boys were on FIRE today pushing the pace about as far as it would go Saturday morning on our weekely ride. My heart definitely got a workout.

We had a huge group show up, around 17 riders. We met up at the CVS around 6am looking at doing around 50 miles. We had riders from the triathlon crowd as well as our normal group as well as a few others show up. Racing down Pike Road was a sight to see as we had to get in a single file line due to traffic. I was near the back of the pack knowing it was going to be a long morning and that I needed to ride smart and not even attempt to attack on any hills, even it was just for my own training. Didn't need to stir up any more testosterone, we had plenty to go around!

The last few weeks I have been riding without a heart rate monitor as well as a bike computer (something about cycle computers and washing machines don't mix, DUH). And I think it was a good thing as we hammered down Old Pike Rd. If I knew how fast we were going, I probably would have psyched myself out and eventially fallen off the back. But I hung in there and actually felt pretty good. We came up on Old Hayneville and sat and waited on those that had not quite made it to catch up.

A few of the guys were putting in shorter rides, another group went on ahead for a longer ride and that left about 8 riders once the others caught up. We then decided we would do the 37 loop but towards the end hit 110 and cut over past the Waters and come back around by the Techna Center.

Once we hit 37, the pace cranked back up and I could tell it was about to get rough. We cycled through and I put a pull that consisted of 2 hills. By the second I was maxed out, pulled off at the top, and watched as they put the hammer down. I tried getting ba ck on but it was going to be wasted energy. So I sat back to recover and kept my 20 mph pace (I think) and watched them pull away. Colin, who was looking very strong, let up a little to me catch on and he pulled me back to the group. But that didn't last long as they dropped Brian and hit the gas.

That left me, with Scott and Brian in front of me, with Colin trying to chase ba ck down the lead group. I worked on recovering and chasing down Scott and Brian. I caaught Scott and we caught up with Brian and the 3 of us worked our way back up to Colin who never quite made it up to the lead group. He later said he was cruising at 28-30 mph by himself and they were pulling away!

We all met up at the 110 intersectiona nd caught our breathes and waited up for the others to catch up. Then we turned down to go past the Waters. This was a great stretch of road that was brand new and super smooth. Well, super smooth means super fast and ZI got dropped on one of the hills that split the pack up. So I put the hammer down and dropped Scott and did my best to keep the lead group in sight and we met back up at the Waugh BP station to get some liquids and let everybody regroup again.

After our stop, we crosssed the interstate and ran down the service road next to the interstate putting in serious 30 second pulls. I think I put 2 in, the seond one putting me over the edge again. I got dropped but luckily I caught back up with them at the traffic light and we cruised on into Wynlakes and made ourt way back to the CVS.

it was a good ride and I ended up with 54 miles including the 4 from my house ad back to it. Rides lijke that are the ones that will make you stronger. And I need to get stronger. Till next weekend...