Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who needs a mattress when you have Grade A Georgia dirt!

There have been a few emails going around about the Dirty Spokes 12 Hour race coming up (18 days away) and where the team is sleeping. Does everybody want to find a hotel or camp are the 2 options. Well, this homeboy is ready to rough it a little bit and I made reservations for one campsite at Fort Yargo State Park! And I am pumped! I was going back and forth about the hotel. It costs more than twice as much but it has all the luxuries of, well, being inside of a building. If it rains, no problem. Cold front come through, no problem. Large black bear eating you alive in the middle of the night, not really an issue at the Comfort Inn. But it lacks that something that makes you feel alive. Complimentary breakfasts are for wusses! Unending supply of hot water... give me a towellete and I will be ready for the prom!

So now I have to make it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread to my teammates. It really would be a lot of fun though if we had 8-10 guys sitting around a camp fire, drinking beer, talking race smack. That pretty much sums up the whole reason I make road trips for mt. biking. The wife doesn't mind, I am in the middle of the woods. Can't get in too much trouble there unless you burn something down, which reminds me of another story but my lawyer advised me of never speaking of it again.

Here are a few pics I found of the trail we will be racing as well as one of the campsites. Note... this campsite has an RV parked on it. There will be no RVs on my campsite, just a small 2-person Kelty tent with a rainfly. I also included an elevation graph of the course. I forgot Georgia ain't flat!