Monday, April 16, 2007

Music To My Ears...

My 4 year old little boy wanted to stay up late last night so I made him a deal. You can stay up for 30 more minutes but you have to watch what I wanna watch. And a deal was made. Anything to stay up late in his mind.

So what was dad watching but none other than the 2007 Paris Roubaix on Versus. WOW, what a race!!!! O'Grady is the man! I sat there with my son and wife in bed watching one of the most historic bike races in history. I did my best to explain to a 4 year old the tactics and what was going on in the race. His interest was waining a little into the race though until our first pileup! That is when he perked up and realized that this was no ordinary race, it was a fight for survival. The pack was decimated, there were people flying off the road, flipping over other iders, it was pure carnage at its finest. It was the Paris Roubaix in all its glory!!

That is when he muttered 4 words I will remember for the rest of my life. Four words that even made my wife sit up and take her attention away for the book she was reading... he said "when can I race?"

Needless to say, I have spent today searching for 4T cycling jerseys that don't have Curious George on them. But something that, when he pulls up to the start line, says he has come to kick your ass.

So my new mission is to find my little 4 year old some cycling apparel for his first race, the 13th Annual Bump and Grind in Birmingham, AL. This is the perfect race, great venue, huge turnout, lots of room for the kids to play and lots of bike race noise!! I will be signing up to do the Sport Class since it starts at 10am and my sons race, the trainig wheel division (100 foot loop), doesn't start till 1:30.

I think I am more excited about his race than mine. But that does kind of make since. His race doesn't involve 600+ ft of climbing in 17 miles on a mt. bike. Can we all say lung burn?