Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ready to hit the road...

Got a call from the shop saying my new bike was ready, finally! And they actually test road it to make sure everything was in good working order, imagine that! Novel concept wouldn't you say. Went by the shop to pick it up after work this afternoon. She has finally made it home to spend the rest of her days in a garage. Kind of sad when you think about it. A few more parts than expected, but it's all good. So after everything has been said and done, I have a new frame, new FSA Orbit Carbon headset, new carbon fiber headset spacers, Continental 4000 tires, and new Ultegra chain. That should do it for a while.
Gotta make a few adjustments to the seat, lube the new chain, and it should be good to go. Gonna try and put in a short ride tomorrow to test everything out before Saturday. Looks like Alan will be out of town. Not sure of route yet but I may suggest hills. Richard said he is in and he hasn't had the pleasure of experiencing Jasmin Hill. Gotta see if Chad is riding with us. I have had a couple of weeks off, so I should be fresh. But that is all relative. We will see what the group has in mind. Either way, it will be nice to be back in the saddle.
I may need to put in a hard ride because next weekend is my first road race. That should be interesting.