Thursday, March 01, 2007

Not much about nothing but a little about something...

Not a whole lot going on this week but the same ol' same ol'... wake up and go to work to have my skull hammered with insane deadlines from insane clients. But these clowns pay my boss (most of the time) and my boss pays me. You get the picture. It is a mean, cruel 52 week cycle we like to call the work week.

I am thinking winning the lottery may not be too bad. I have heard of people who's lives have turned to hell though after winning. They ended up alcoholics, drug addicts, living in the gutter behind KFC... I think I would be willing to take my chances.

Anyway... still painfully searching for a new frameset. My hopes were crushed once again by the Trek rep. This is what happens when you put your faith in a 21 year old kid, who just a few months ago was wrenching on bikes for 6 bucks an hour wearing a Misfits tshirt, now sporting a collared shirt with the trek logo on it, with about a gallon of goo gel holding his hair in place. Got an email from our team manager saying all team members could get a steal of a deal on some brand new Lemond full carbon framesets. Greg Lemond is a whiny, bitter old man that wakes up every day wishing Lance Armstrong had never been born. So for me to ride one of his frames and overlook my personal distaste for this cry-baby, it was going to have to be cheap!

Well, I saw the price, I was over it. I can always cover up the frame with stickers. It was a DEAL!

Got to the shop to meet with the rep yesterday at lunch. They were out of the 57 cm, with the 55 cm being the largest size. Now, normally, I would have not even thought about it and bought it. But over the last 2 months, I have learned a LOT about frame geometry. And believe me, this is not something I wanted to learn. It about bores me to tears analyzing seat tube height, head tude height, rake, andgle, stem length, etc. And don't even get mee started on the whole centimeters and millimeters.

So the first thng the rep went to was top tube, 56.5 cm. Sounds good. Based on that, the shop owner and the rep said this bike would fit perfectly. But I was a little hesitant. Why is it considered a 55cm frame then? Started looking at all the other dimensions and started asking "smart" questions. These are questions that let the other person know that you head is not filled with strawberry/banana flavored jello and that you actually know what you are talking about. At this point, the shop owner went back to his desk.

After looking at both geometries of my current bike and the new one, it was decided "I was on the fence." I felt like I was more than that. My current bike is actually a little small. And this frame would have been a little smaller than that. Which in my little world means it would have been too small. So I had to pass. But that is a good thing, because Lemond does not rock and neither do his bikes and he is still a little bitter old man who used to be fast as hell and now just runs his mouth blah, blah, blah. My souls lives for another day.

But there may be good news... but you will have to wait till a few minutes after 8 pm. I will give you a little hint... ebay baby!