Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jasmin Hill Leg Test...

Chad came up with a new route today. He said this one would be a good test for our legs. Really make them hurt. Not sure why I agreed to this but at the time, it sounded like loads of fun. Maybe I thought he was exaggerating... he wasn't. I found out there are more than just pretty flowers and gardens at Jasmin Hills.

Weather finally warmed up for us and we had our first early morning ride of the new year. Temperature hitting 50, and sunshine a plenty. Met at the CVS at 7am and had several of the Tri-guys show up. They heard we were hitting the hills and decided to do Pike Rd instead.

Since Chad had this new route set up, we went on our mary way. Instead of taking a right after the toll bridge, we went left on Rifle Range. Let me tell you, make sure your life insurance is paid up because we almost went down twice on this section of Rifle Range Rd. Both instances were large dump trucks that felt like we're obviously not supposed to be sharing the road with him. Next time I do this ride, I am getting a Road ID bracelet. Not that it would help if I was mowed down by a 10 ton dump truck, but at least they would have a nice pretty tag for my body bag.

Anyway, we took a right onto Redland Road and made out first hard climb of the day. I was thinking this wa a pretty tough climb. If you stop pedaling, you immediately go backwards. But little did I know this was just one of many 6 mph climbs we would come across in our path. About an hour later and multiple lung busting, thigh burning climbs, we ended up in StoneBrook neighborhood, pirched way up on Jasmin Hill. Beautiful neighborhood, but next time I want to visit via automobile (V6 or better required).

Took a nature break and turned and headed back. I don't think it was any easier on the way back. Every hill we came down on the way out, we had to climb on the way back. I have heard people talk about Jasmin Hill and now I know what they are talking about. This is the real deal.

We hit Rifle Range Road and came across the second dump truck, this time running Alan off the road, and forcing me to lock up my back wheel. Luckily nobody went down and we made our way back to the toll bridge. A few miles before the toll bridge, around 48 miles, my legs were starting to get stiff. They had been hurting for a while, but I know now that when they start stiffening up, to lay back. So I fell off the back and took it easy to the bridge and caught back with Alan and CHad at the Toll Booth.

At the bridge we re-grouped and headed back into town. This was probably the hardest ride I have done and I can't wait to do it again. If I can do this one once a month, I may be the next Discovery Team captain... yeah right.

I ended up taking my heart rate monitor this ride and I am glad I did. It really helped me pace myself and not go too hard and blow up too soon.

Distance: 60.86
Ride Time: 3:48:36
Avg Speed: 16.13
Max Speed: 45 mph (easily could have hit 50 but I was taking it easy)
Avg Heart Rate: 157
Max Heart Rate: 188
Elevation Gain: Over 2500 ft!

Check out the route on (named Jasmin Hill Leg Test) Not quite sure if I got the end right but the miles are close, maybe 2.5 miles short. Other than that, this is one route that will give you a workout like no other.

Another great day in the saddle. Now Team CVS has a new route when we get the entire group back together. I think they need to experience the fun we had today!