Thursday, March 22, 2007

I bought the box it came in...

I have been struggling lately with the thoughts of trading in my gas-guzzling, wallet emptying Chevy Tahoe on something more efficient as far as fuel goes. Don't get me wrong, this has been probably the best vehicle I have ever owned, minus the fact that Tahoes have a strange fetish with gas stations. But it has gotten to the point where my Tahoe and I had a love-hate relationship going on. Not to mention, I am not a big fan of oil companies. I actually hate oil companies. I drive ot of my way so that I won't buy gas at Exxon. And I have been doing that since 1989. And so I made up my mind to find something new and give the big middle finger to corporate oil.

There were several vehicles out there that would have done the job, but nothing really sparked my fancy. Maybe I have been a little peculier of recent, but I needed something of the unexpected. You only live once, might as well have a little fun. I have been diving a champagne colored 2004 Tahoe for the past 14 months. Almost every stop light I come to, there is another one sitting right next to me. Leaving Publix I have to use my clicker to figure out which one is mine in the parking lot.

I needed somethig that fit my lifestyle and my personality. Something that was so practical that it being shaped like a toaster was not a factor. A vehicle that didn't have carpet. A vehicle my 15 month old little girl could just throw up in and I could just wash it out. Maybe a vehicle that had rear seats that could fold up out of the way so I could roll my bikes in. A vehicle that had more storage than any one person could ever need. A vehicle that averaged 25 mpg rather than 15. Maybe I needed to test drive a Honda Element?

And I did.

And I looked like a dork but I had a big freaking smile on my face the whole time so I bought it! This truck, SUV, toaster,bBox, whatever it is, is a blast to drive. So now when I want to haul all my bike gear to wherever, it fits inside, not outside.

More pictures of "The Toaster" in T-town at the first race of the year coming this weekend.