Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daddy Day care...

Kids have been on Spring Break so the wife and I have been juggling them like circus freaks. I was batter up today. We didn't burn anything down, the police didn't show up once, and both kids were accounted for when the wife drove up this afternoon. These two little rugrats are a true blessing and we had a lot of fun. But after 8 hours in 4-year old wolly-world, Daddy needed some alone time. Not to mention train for a race.

So after the wife got home, I hit the road. I have a race coming up Sunday and the last time I road was this past Sunday. It was time to start loosening up the legs. I put in 25 miles, with a few intervals thrown in for good measure. Wind was blowing so I had to watch my heart rate and make sure I wasn't pushing too much. Ended up having a 164 average which was perfect.

Tomorrow, I will do about the same. Saturday will be longer but no hard efforts. I am going to need these legs as fresh as possible. They don't need to hurt at all Sunday.