Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Been framed...

Cheeeeeezy huh? Couldn't resist...

Got home last night and saw a little pink card on the front door. That meant that I missed the mail delivery driver and he had a package that had to be signed for. That could only mean one thing... 2.6 lbs. of carbon fiber bliss!

Took an early lunch and went out to the Post Office to pick it up. Unwrapped everything righ there in the parking lot just to make sure nothing was jacked up. Everyting looked good. It looked better than good! I have been over the entire frame and it looks solid. Minus a few minute cosmetic issues (being very picky here) I am extremely happy. And this thing is LIGHT!!! I can't wait to weigh my bike once I have the fame built up. This frame looks awesome being partially painted for accent with the rest being naked carbon.

Talked to the shop owner and he said he will be glad to build it up for me.

So, the real test will be on the road and over the next year or so. With a limited budget, I had limited options. But so far I am thrilled with the quality of this frame. I was a little worried. Jamis is not one of the big guys, but they do have several teams racing their frames, so they must be doing something right. I may find once it is built, that it is the biggest piece of crap ever made. During the first climb, I may crank down on the pedals and the entire frame explodes right out from under me. But who knows, I may also find that this frame rides as good as others 3x the cost and was the deal of a lifetime. Only time will tell and when it does, I will let you know.