Friday, March 09, 2007


If it isn't one thing, it's another. Got to the bike shop today to see Mark working steadily on my bike. The bike looked awesome! He was almost done, just had to run the derailler cable to the rear. In all of about 5 seconds, it went from good bicycle bliss to suck city.


Rear cable guide pops off the chainstay. Damn. Mark was streching the cable and the pressure popped of the guide. I guess it could have been worse. Cable guides are neccessary, but they don't keep the bike together. But it could produce more severe problems if it isn't fixed correctly. And there in lies what they call "faith in the mechanic." It is out of my hands, what happens, happnes. If this were an aluminum frame, no biggy. Carbon is another story.

Mark thinks his Dad has a rivot gun small enough to re-attach the guide. I am goin back to work so I don't thinka bout all the possibilities of what could go wrong with all this.