Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ride Blue... or not

Alright, I think I have exausted every last resource on the entire world wide web in the search for a quality frame that is within my budget. My brain has be come numb and the ends of my finger are blue.

Speaking of Blue, they are another bicycle manufacturer that has been getting rave reviews on their frames. So I started doing some research. Thought I had found the frame, an RC5-AL frame. Beautiful paint job, great reviews, excellent price. Callled the tech support yesterday to talk with them about sizing. Guess what? They don't make the RC5-AL in a size that will fit me!!! What? I ride a 56 cm frame which is probably the most common size available!?!?!? But their sizing is different. The 55.5 will be too small, and then it jumps up to 58, too big. I thought the 55.5 would work but after he took the measurements from my current ride, I would need over 4cm of spacers under my stem to get it like my current frame. Something about their head tube length. If I went with the 58, I would need a 80mm length stem. That's insane.

One thing, I got to give it up to Blue. They were honest, knowledgeable, and they make a great product. Even if they were on crack when they sized the RC5-AL frames. Or maybe nobody that works there is over 6'0 tall?

Oh well, back to drawing board.