Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh Cervelo, oh Cervelo...

My search for a new frame took me to the local shop to let him know the Planet X was not the bike I was looking for after all. So after much discussion, and realizing I was looking for something unique, he mentioned he could get Cervelos. Cervelos? Why did I not know this to begin with? The only one I can afford is the Soloist Team. Which is fine with me because I love that frame.

So to get the wife's approval, I showed her the G66 and the Cervelo during our Whatburger breakfast this morning (that's real training food for all you amateurs out there). Asked her which one she liked the best. Her first question? Which one is cheaper? I acted like I didn't hear that so I asked her again which one she liked. She picked the Cervelo!!! I believe that constitutes as permision to purchase in some far away galaxy. This is otherwise known as P2P.

We have P2P!!!!!! P2P has been achieved!!!!