Monday, February 12, 2007

Felt rant...

I have been riding an Easton EC70 carbon seatpost on my Rush for the past couple of months. This is a sweet seatpost that weighs in at a measly 200 grams. But for some reason, I haven't been happy with the seat clamp on it. So I thought yesterday I would put the Easton on my Felt road bike and save the Felt carbon post for my cyclocross build. Then just get a new lightweight aaluminum post for my mt. bike.

Took the Easton off the Rush and then went to pull the Felt post out. Noticed 2 things immediately about the Felt post.

1. It was super short

2. It was cracked, in a bad way!

Not getting that warm and fuzzzy feeling anymore about my Felt. This was not any old hairline fracture. This was a crack I could see through, one that was on the verge of breaking off. Just what I need, to have my seatpost break mid-ride, possibly sending objects into my nether-regions. Thanks Felt! That would feel peachy. Not to mention this is the shortest seatpost I have ever seen. I haven't measured it yet but it had to have been 250 mm. I don't get it. Is this some type of cost saving feature for Felt.

First my handlebars that felt like they were maade out of steel tubing purchased at Home Depot in the plumbing department and now my midget seatpost. That Planet X frame is looking better and better.

I believe the Felt frame is about to end up on eBay. I was in need of a good Ultegra road bike when I bought it. You can't beat Felt for the price. You get a lot of bike for the money. But you also get what you pay for. I have not had any problems with my frame but there are things I have noticed about it that are cheap. But I can live with those. What I can't live with is not being able to trust a product that I ride as hard as I possibly can every time I get on it. Thaat is a problem.

What sucks is, if Felt can't make a quality carbon seatpost, why would I spend thousands on one of their higher end all carbon road bikes?