Friday, January 19, 2007

New project...

Seems like during the winter months, people take on additional projects to bide the time away till spring. Well, I am one of those people. I don't like sitting around watching TV or napping, I like to be doing something. My wife thinks I have ADD. I don't think it is ADD, I just can't sit around and watch football all day while picking Cheeto crumbs out of my belly button (luckily she is not a huge sports fan). I need to be doing somemthing or I get a little "testy."

So that is how the new project came about. I essentially didn't have anything to do for about 4 minutes the other day and a bright flash of light triggered a neuron and there it was, my new project. I plan to build my first bike, a cyclocross bike for this upcoming season. I have plenty of time to spread out the cost so the wife doesn't get all "crazy on me." Understandly so I might add. The last time I did this was about 4 years ago. I planned on building a hardtail mt bike (cheaper than full suspension I thought) all from parts bought on eBay. By the time I had bought the frame, shifters, brakes, fork and deeraillers, I was out of money. I ended up getting all my money back after selling everything back on eBay. It would have been a sweet ride but I went a little too far on the parts.

So this time, I have a plan. I already have the seatpost and wheels. Just need to start doing a little surfing on eBay. This project will take a while but I will let keep you up to date.

Anybody have a 56cm frame they are selling?