Saturday, January 20, 2007

And there were 3...

Mike and Ray putting the hammer down

I thought we were going to have a pretty good turnout for our ride Saturday. I was running around crazy trying to get my stuff ready to make the 2.5 mile ride down to the CVS by 2:00. Got there and not a soul in sight. This is rare because there is usually someone there unloading a car. Checked my watch a couple of times to make sure I hadn't goofed. After waiting a feew minutes, I diid a little stretching and planned out my solo route. After about 10 minutes, a Honda Element pulls in the parking lot, with what looks to be, yes, a bike!!! Ended up being Mike from the team. Mike has just moved here from Mobile and is a seasoned racer.

It was good to have another rider there but I knew Mike was a Cat 2 rider and a whole lot faster than me. Just as Mike is finishing getting ready, another truck pulls in and it is Ray. Started feeling better now because he and I are pretty even in ability. After Ray got all his gear ready, we headed down Ray Thorington and hit Pike Rd. I was looking at doing about 35 miles and everybody was cool with that. We took a left on Old Pike, and headed out take in some fews of some pastures. The weather was a little cool but not that bad. The sun was trying to break through and did on occasion. We tooka right on hayneville and another on 82 and headed down to the Troy Hwy. intersection where we got back on Pike Rd and headed back in. I was thinking this was going to be about 36 miles but I ended up with about 33. That included the 2.5 miles to CVS. So a little short on the miles but I didn't worry too much.

All in all it was a good ride with some new faces that I had never ridden with before. Mike was a pleasure to ride with and someone the team can learn a lot from with all his road racing experience. Come March, this guy will turn into a machine.

When I got home, Kelli told me the Ken had called and said he and James were running late and to not leave. They were on their way. Woops. Must have just missed us because we didn't leave till after 2:15. Hope they had a good ride. Hopefully next week we can all get together and have a full peloton.

Edited 1/23/07: Talked to Ken this morning and they were following us the whole time. They left not too long after usand took the same rote but nevree caught up.