Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hitting the road... again!

Somebody started throwing around the idea of going whitewater rafting this Labor Day weekend so I jumped on it and made plans and here we are! The Mrs., her lil' sis, her fiancee, which is my best friend, who will be eventually my brother-in-law (is this legal in Alabama?) are all packing up the rollin-hotel-inna-box-on-wheels (aka. popup camper) and are heading to to the great wilderness/river region of the infamous Ocoee.

Stories should be plentiful, I already have a couple and we haven't even packed yet. Going put the new Tacoma through the ringer and see how she does pulling the rollin-hotel-inna-box-on-wheels. Should be fine, the rollin-hotel-inna-box-on-wheels only weighs about 27 lbs.

Once we arrive at the river on Saturday, we will be there all day. We are doing the entire river, the upper, the middle, the lower, the upper/lower, the middle/upper, the in-between... we are essentially spending the whole day on that damn river!

I am sure the Mrs. will have her fill of the river life and all its glory by 6PM on Saturday. I bet she is just happy to have the rollin-hotel-inna-box-on-wheels to come home too! :)