Monday, July 16, 2007

Tour de Griffey A Success!!!

Scott and Stan put the rubber to the pavement this past weekend during the first annual Tour de Griffey. Scott may not know this but we all thought he was crazy for doing this. I thought personally he had been dipping in the animnal pain killers at the office when he called me up one evening trying to get me to tag along.

Ride my bike from here to Valdosta, GA!??!?! Where is Valdosta, GA? You sure you want to ride your "bike" there? Are you kidding me? No support? Sleep in a motel? 200 plus miles in 2 days? Are you drunk?

Well, Stan believed in him and so did the rest of us, we were just going to let Stan be the lab rat for this little concoction of Griffey madness. And madness it was. But calculated madness. Scott is notorious for long, precisely routed rides through the regions of Earth few have encountered. But this would be the ultimate test of his powers that be.

Well, I got a call yesterday from the Scott and they were on their way back. The Tour de Griffey was a success and between the two of them, they logged over 500 miles in 2 days!

A BIG congratulations is in order for these two because they definitely did something they will remember for the rest of their lives. Boys, count me in for next year!