Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Plans are meant to change...

A couple of months ago I thought I had my entire year mapped out for all my races and what-not. But I have realized life has it's funny way of changing things. And not just life, my goals for this year have changed... about a zzillion times. After puttting myself through the 12 Hour Dirty Spokes race and finishing with my team with a pretty decent finish, I realized that maybe I could actually do more. Now bear in mind, winning a race is not as important to me as pushing myself further than before. Somebody mentioned to me, after I commented that I would like to compete in a 6-hour solo, that I needed to win a team event first. Why... I thought to myself? They had never won a team endurance event and were racing 6 hour solos. Racing to me is more about seeing how long I can chase the carrot as opposed to actually obtaining the carrot. Make sense? Probably not if you have never raced before. It is more about the challenege and your personal limits you perceive of yourself. So many times we cave in to our own fears and self-doubts and let those run our lives.

Anyway... I guess I need to figure out my old username and password to beginnertriathlete.com cause I gots me some traaining to do! Come August 25th, I will be competing in my very first triathlon. 1/2 mile (approx 380 yards) swim, 20 mile bike and a 4 mile run on the beautiful Florida beaches. It is going to be a long summer!