Friday, May 25, 2007


Life has really been crazy lately, so the amount of riding I haave been doing has been next to zero. Lack of motivation, busy as hell at work, the Misses and I being busy than ever at home, sick kids, sick wife, sick me, all adds up to not even thinking about riding a bike. Well, maybe I should take that back. I have been thinking about it, just haven't really had the opportunity to actually do it.

So, all this whining and belly aching means one thing... go ride a bike. It's simple, right? Well, not really. But I have a plan that will get me back on that two-wheeled pain machine and have me back where I need to be in no time. No time meaning, by next weekend when I have the Bump and Brind race that is approaching like a cruise missile in the middle of the Osama Bin Ladan's dinign room.

The plan is this... while I am up at the lake during Memorial Day weekend, swimming, boating, relaxing, I plan on putting a full-on assault on Swayback!!! 3 days, 3 traails, 1 mt. biker ready to take on the B&G!!!! If I can pull this off, I am the man. it will be just the confidence booster to get me back in the game and get my mind straightened out. Cause right now, I am mentally dog food. But that can all change with one good climb up a steep mountan, one brain tingling decent at speeds that would make a grown man cry like a little baby, singletrack so tight, you'll be picking pennies out of your biking shorts when you are done.

NOW I AM READY! Gotta love the blog, just what the doctor ordered. Now get out of my way so I can get on that podium!