Friday, April 27, 2007

Team Broohaha...

The fellas who have decided to call the Georgia soil their new home next weekend are meeting tonight to talk logistics and have a couple of beers. And I have to say from the emails I have received so far, there are some excited little campers in our bunch. It must be contagious cause last night I found myself starting to pack up my gear and the race is over a week away!

Meeting objective: don't bring everything you own! We are not moving to Winder, GA, just staying there for 2 nights and coming home. That means we have to make sure we don't end up with 58 rolls of toilet paper, 4279 paper plates, 167,840 pieces of plasticware, 23 bags of Ruffles potatoe chips, etc., etc. We are going to divide and conquer... as in, divide up the gear we need to bring, and conquer the weak who have come to race in the 12 HR Dirty Spokes Endurance Mountain Bike Race!

Time to open up a can of "beat down the soul of the weak and sprinkle salt into their wounds" on those who have chosen to do battle this coing weekend.

Let the smack talk begin!