Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bring da speed...

Montgomery Bicycle Club Time Trials start tomorrow at 6:30 pm at the Deer Creek clubhouse. If you have any speed, bring it. If you don't have any speed, but want some, get your slow poke, butt dragging tail to Deer Creek. Speed will be served up in a gracious plenty for all that attend! Slices of humility will be served immediately following the event.

I plan to have my you-know-what handed to me by several of those that are planning to attend. But there are also some that may have the rare opportunity of seeing me blow past them at speeds unimaginable. Those of course are the 98 year old pedestrians that are putting in their evening stroll, walking their white Scottish Terriers that are almost as old as they are. But they WILL see the speed I bring forth, I promise you that... now they may not remember it, but they will see it!