Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stage 3 - The Real Deal...

'Disco leading the charge in a full blown battle in Stage 3 of the Tour of California.
After bridging the gap and reaching the breakaway, Levi put the hammer down, dropping all but 4 other riders. Gotta give it up for McCartney, he made it all possible for Leipheimer.
In the end, Voigt pulled it out in classsic Voigt style - drive the break away, stay away and take the stage win. Leipheimer retains a 3 second lead. Friday will be the big day that will more than likely decide the race. Leipheimer has his work cut out for him. But so does everyone else.

Another stage win for CSC means another win for the Cervelo Carbon Soloist. Chad, that bike is truly the fastest frame in professsional bike racing!