Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Haedo takes Stage 2, Leipheimer holds lead in Amgen Tour

Levi stays in yellow for another day. I tell you what, Levi starting to look a little like Lance. Check out those folds in his cheeks. This guy is lean and has come to do businesss! It is going to be an interesting year for Discovery.
Haedo times it perfectly!!!! It doesn't get any better than that. When you can look back during a sprint to check on those behind you, it's a good thing.
You gotta love Specialized bicycles for their marketing. The Specialized angel appeared this past year at the Tour de France and has been part of their marketing campaign. She appears at the top of climbs to give inspiration to all the riders that pass.

Alright Chad... CSC rider JJ Haedo takes the sprint to win the second stage of the Tour of California on his new 2007 Cervelo Carbon Soloist bike. That bike is FAST!

Team CSC looked good yesterday. T-Mobile was up there at the beginning of the circuits, but faded at the end. And Discovery Channel did an incredible job of controlling the race to keep Levi in yellow. My man Hincapie looked like he was going to give it a go at the end. He can put in a good sprint, but I think he realized he he has no business butting heads with guys like O'Grady, Haedo and Julich.

Another great race, can't wait to see what happens today!