Thursday, December 21, 2006

Acquittal Does NOT Equal Innocence...

Yesterday, as reported by, the International Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that there were procedural errors in the positive testosterone tests conducted on Spanish rider Inigo Landaluze in 2005.

This is significant because the lab at fault is the same one that found Landis positive for testosterone irregularities. Landaluze has now been acquitted after an 18-month legal fight to have the doping charges against him thrown out. He won on the fact that his B sample was processed by the same person who found his A sample positive, a violation of rules. But the CAS has stated that this does not mean he is innocent. He is still a DOPER. The tests were correct, he was only acquitted because of a technicality with which who was handling the specimens.

Landis responded to the news by saying it "strengthens my contention that the tests conducted on my sample were handled in an incompetent fashion and analyzed on the basis of flawed science." I bet you do find strength in this Landis... you might have found your "out" so that your lawyer can use this new "excuse" to get you off.

It was also announced yesterday that a fund is being created to help Landis cover his defense costs as his case enters the appeals process. According to his spokesman, the goal is to raise $2 million to "support Floyd Landis against unsubstantiated doping allegations, provide the means to attain fairness for Floyd and bring justice to those responsible for misconduct in this case."

And it's being reported that Landis will start something called the Athlete Fairness Organization. Its purpose: "To help wrongly accused athletes fight doping charges and lobby for improved protection for accused competitors." Another words, Landis will help DOPERS find ways around the system with the help of skillful lawyers. He has had a lot of practice lately. What a class act he is.